Healthy Kids Inc.

Healthy Kids Inc.


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Healthy Kids Inc. was inspired by our own journey with children, food, and health. We too were juggling a lot - long work hours and small kids. Our dinners were as quick as possible, and mainly consisted of frozen chicken nuggets (we hardly ever used real food), microwave mac and cheese (anything with directions on the label), and occasionally a canned vegetable (never-ever a fresh vegetable). 

In 2021, Healthy Kids Inc. began Implementing WV’s first Central Kitchen Food Project preparing from-scratch, nutrient dense, locally sourced meals for children and communities.

While the project started as an effort to improve food and health in childcare centers, it quickly became evident that this strategy was needed in other institutional food and community settings.

Today, the team consists of Dietetic Specialists, Nutritional Chefs, other culinary professions, advisors, and the same two parents that are even more passionate than ever to transform the local food system.


Mandy Curry

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